Junior Instructor - Fruit and Vegetable Processing - Industrial Training Question and Answer Key

Junior Instructor-Fruit and Vegetable Processing-Industrial Training Question and Answer Key.

Exam Date:  24/07/2018
Alpha Code: A
Total No. of Questions: 100
Maximum : 100 Marks

1. The day for Pulse Polio in India is _________.
 (A) December 10
 (B) October 24
 (C) June 26
 (D) July 10

2. When did Kerala Legislature pass the Official Language Act ?
 (A) 1989
 (B) 1969
 (C) 2016
 (D) 1999

3. G-77 was established in the year _________.
 (A) 1964
 (B) 1984
 (C) 2013
 (D) 2014

4. Which is the only Asian country that got independence from America ?
 (A) Myanmar
 (B) Taiwan
 (C) Thailand
 (D) Philippines

5. The number of UNO’s Official Language is _________.
 (A) 8
 (B) 4
 (C) 6
 (D) 5

6. What is the colour of UNO Flag ?
 (A) Light Green
 (B) Light Blue
 (C) White
 (D) Light Orange

7. Which is the First Indian Airport constructed with the help of private participation ?
 (A) Delhi
 (B) Mumbai
 (C) Thane
 (D) Nedumbassery

8. What is the code name given to India’s 2nd Nuclear Test ?
 (A) Operation Sakti
 (B) Smiling Buddha
 (C) Operation Vijay
 (D) None of the above

9. The President of India gives resignation to _________.
 (A) Prime Minister
 (B) Chief Justice of India
 (C) Indian Parliament
 (D) Vice President

10. Ayurvedic Medicinal book “Hortus Malabaricus” was written under the patronage of which country ?
 (A) Dutch
 (B) Spain
 (C) Portugal
 (D) France

11. Who did the act of “Thrippadidanam” in Kerala ?
 (A) Swathi Thirunal
 (B) Rani Gouri Lakshmi Bai
 (C) Kozhikode Samuthiri
 (D) Mathanda Varma

12. Who got the Prize ‘Jnanapit’ in Malayalam in 1980 ?
 (A) M.T. Vasudevan Nair
 (B) O.N.V. Kurup
 (C) S.K. Pottekkadu
 (D) G. Sankarakurup

13. Saint Chavara Kuriakose Elias comes under which Christian denomination ?
 (A) Jacobite
 (B) Catholic
 (C) Latin
 (D) Malankara

14. Which is the nick name of Poikayil Yohanan ?
 (A) Kumara Guru
 (B) Sree Narayana Guru
 (C) Ayyankali
 (D) Dr. Palpu

15. The number of rivers in Kerala that flows eastwards
 (A) 4
 (B) 3
 (C) 1
 (D) 41

16. Edakkal cave is situated in the district of _________.
 (A) Idukki
 (B) Kasargod
 (C) Wayanadu
 (D) Kozhikode

17. Which state of India introduce mid-day meal 1st time in school ?
 (A) Andhra Pradesh
 (B) Tamil Nadu
 (C) Kerala
 (D) Gujarat

18. What is known as the Magna Carta of Kerala ?
 (A) Temple Entry Movement
 (B) Channar Revolt
 (C) Kurichya Revolt
 (D) Thrippadidanam

19. Sakshi Malik competed under which category in Wrestling to get medal in Olympics ?
 (A) 55 kg
 (B) 65 kg
 (C) 58 kg
 (D) 56 kg

20. Who won the 2017 Women’s US Open Singles ?
 (A) Mo Fare
 (B) Slovian Stephens
 (C) Madison
 (D) Venus Williams

21. An Antifungal solution used for Washing Banana in large scale Cultivators, Traders and Transporters.
 (A) Thiophanate
 (B) Propiconazole
 (C) Hexaconazole
 (D) Thiabendazole

22. Stage of harvest of pepper usually for the preparation of white pepper
 (A) Under mature
 (B) Fully ripe
 (C) Unripe
 (D) Unripe but fully mature

23. A value added product from coconut which is popularly used as a dessert
 (A) Coconut milk powder
 (B) Coconut Cream
 (C) Nata-de-Coco
 (D) Desiccated Coconut

24. A Cowpea variety suitable for Polyhouse cultivation
 (A) Reenu
 (B) Renu
 (C) Malika
 (D) Sarika

25. Name the fruit type of Cucumber.
 (A) Pome
 (B) Drupe
 (C) Pepo
 (D) Hesperidium

26. The transparent wall of green house is _________.
 (A) Gable
 (B) Column
 (C) Gutter
 (D) Bracings

27. A variety of Bhindi which is resistant to fruit borer attack
 (A) Kiran
 (B) Pusa Savani
 (C) Susthira
 (D) Anjitha

28. Select one term which do not ensure Safe Food Production.
 (B) CAS
 (C) GAP
 (D) GHP

29. “Golden Rice” is rich in
 (A) Vitamin B
 (B) Vitamin A
 (C) Vitamin E
 (D) Vitamin C

30. Aonla is commercially propagated by
 (A) Seed
 (B) T budding
 (C) Epicotyl grafting
 (D) Inarching

31. Which is the Paddy Straw Mushroom ?
 (A) Pleurotus sp.
 (B) Morchella sp.
 (C) Volvariella sp.
 (D) Calocyba sp.

32. Faster extraction of seeds from a fruit is by acid treatment.
 (A) Tomato
 (B) Amaranthus
 (C) Chilly
 (D) Bhindi

33. Which of the following pest is effectively controlled by Tricho Cards ?
 (A) Rice leaf roller
 (B) Rice stem borer
 (C) Both (A) and (B)
 (D) None of these

34. Dry flower arrangement is known as ________.
 (A) Ikebana
 (B) Nageive
 (C) Potpourri
 (D) Moribana

35. A viral disease of silk worm
 (A) Grasserie
 (B) Flacherie
 (C) Muscardine
 (D) Pebrine

36. The honey produced by which among the following bees fetch high price due to its medicinal properties ?
 (A) Little bee
 (B) Stingless bee
 (C) European bee
 (D) Indian bee

37. Which is the quickest method of establishment of a Lawn ?
 (A) Turf Plastering
 (B) Dibbling Shoots
 (C) Seeds
 (D) Turfing

38. For making IL Bordeaux Mixture Preparation, how much each of copper sulphate and lime will you take ?
 (A) 1000 g
 (B) 100 g
 (C) 50 g
 (D) 10 g

39. Select a product made from Cassava.
 (A) Sago
 (B) Candy
 (C) Marmalade
 (D) Nectar

40. Who is known as the Father of Preservation ?
 (A) Louis Pasteur
 (B) M. Nicolas Apart
 (C) E.J. Butler
 (D) Hugo de Vries

41. Which preservative is used to extend the storage life of Papain ?
 (A) Benzoic acid
 (B) Potassium meta bisulphite
 (C) Malic hydroxide
 (D) Sodium hypochlorite

42. The growth regulator used for induction of uniform flowering in Pineapple is
 (A) 25 ppm ethophon
 (B) 250 ppm ethophon
 (C) 1000 ppm ethophon
 (D) 500 ppm ethophon

43. Ratoon cropping is associated with
 (A) Mango
 (B) Banana
 (C) Pineapple
 (D) Both (B) & (C)

44. One of the component of Cheshunt compound is
 (A) Calcium Carbonate
 (B) Quick Lime
 (C) Ammonium Carbonate
 (D) Ammonium Sulphate

45. _________ is the total desertion of a honeybee colony from its nests due to incidence of disease or pest attack, too much interference by human beings.
 (A) Absconding
 (B) Swarming
 (C) Reeling
 (D) Pollarding 

46. Which of the following is the King of Vegetables ?
 (A) Beetroot
 (B) Amorphophallus
 (C) Raddish
 (D) Potato

47. The scientific name of West Indian Cherry.
 (A) Malva sylvestris
 (B) Zyzygium cumini
 (C) Malpighia punicifolia
 (D) Carissa carandus

48. The ‘Khus khus oil’ is extracted from
 (A) Lemon grass
 (B) Kacholam
 (C) Eucalyptus
 (D) Vetiver

49. India ranks ________ in the world production of fruits and vegetables.
 (A) first
 (B) second
 (C) third
 (D) fourth

50. The yield of ginger oil varies from
 (A) 1.2–2%
 (B) 1.3–3%
 (C) 1.0–1.5%
 (D) 1.4–4%

51. The cause of Astringent taste of Cashew apple is due to the presence of _______.
 (A) Lignin
 (B) Pectin
 (C) Tannin
 (D) Curcumin

52. Usually Juices, RTS and Nectar are pasteurized at about ________.
 (A) 85 °C
 (B) 75 °C
 (C) 72 °C
 (D) 80 °C

53. A common dieses of Mango can be successfully controlled by Hot Water Washing.
 (A) Powdery mildew
 (B) Black tip
 (C) Anthracnose
 (D) Dieback

54. The Ripening level of fruit can be tested by using
 (A) Jelmeter
 (B) Lactometer
 (C) Magness Tylor Pressure Tester
 (D) Refractometer

55. Maturity of which fruit is judged by Tapping the fruit by fingers which give a metallic sound on mature fruits ?
 (A) Water melon
 (B) Papaya
 (C) Mango
 (D) Banana

56. The country which convert most of their agricultural produce to processed product.
 (A) Malaysia
 (B) Brazil
 (C) India
 (D) China

57. Optimum storage temperature of Banana for optimum storage life of 3-4 weeks
 (A) 8 – 10 °C
 (B) 12 – 13 °C
 (C) 15 – 16 °C
 (D) 16 – 20 °C

58. The loss that is due to increased respiration and transpiration rate
 (A) Physical loss
 (B) Chemical loss
 (C) Biological loss
 (D) Physiological loss

59. Oxygen scavengers, CO2 absorbers, Ethylene absorbents are used to control the gases in this packaging
 (A) Edible Packaging
 (B) Nano Packaging
 (C) Smart Packaging
 (D) Active Packaging

60. Which is the Physiological disorder when tropical and subtropical fruits and vegetables to be stored at temperature below 10 °C ?
 (A) Cooling injury
 (B) Chilling injury
 (C) Freezing injury
 (D) Physiological injury

61. Select the crop which is related to the term parboiling :
 (A) Maize
 (B) Wheat
 (C) Rice
 (D) Potato

62. Temperature test is used for Judging the end point of which of the following processed product ?
 (A) RTS
 (B) Squash
 (C) Sauce
 (D) Jelly

63. The quantity of CO2 required for Carbonation is
 (A) 1 – 8 g/l
 (B) 8 – 15 g/l
 (C) 8 – 10 g/l
 (D) 10 – 15 g/l

64. The decomposition of Carbohydrate by micro-organism or enzyme is called
 (A) Carbonation
 (B) Sterilization
 (C) Pasteurization
 (D) Fermentation

65. According to FSSAI, the maximum amount of Sulphur dioxide allowed in crush and cordial is
 (A) 700 ppm
 (B) 350 ppm
 (C) 500 ppm
 (D) 650 ppm

66. An antifungal antibiotic used for treating fruit and fruit juices
 (A) Nisin
 (B) Kinetin
 (C) Pimaricin
 (D) Gibberelin

67. Squash is a type of fruit beverage containing _____ % total soluble solids.
 (A) 40 – 50
 (B) 30 – 40
 (C) 50 – 60
 (D) 20 – 30

68. The equipment used for sterilizing the food
 (A) Eurobers
 (B) Autoclave
 (C) Kneader
 (D) Expeller

69. Units with an annual turn over not less than or equal to _________ lakhs need to do FSSAI Registration.
 (A) 11
 (B) 13
 (C) 12
 (D) 15

70. SAMETI is located at
 (A) Thiruvananthapuram
 (B) Palakkad
 (C) Alappuzha
 (D) Kozhikode

71. Govt. of India launched Kissan Call Centers on
 (A) 21 December, 2005
 (B) 21 January, 2004
 (C) 12 January, 2004
 (D) 12 December, 2005

72. Neem oil garlic emulsion is effectively used against a pest of coconut
 (A) Rhinoceros beetle
 (B) Red Palm Weevel
 (C) Leaf eating caterpillar
 (D) Eriophyid mite

73. Select a capital input.
 (A) Fertilizers
 (B) Seeds
 (C) Dusters
 (D) Insecticides

74. ‘White ear head’ is a particular symptom caused by a pest of Rice
 (A) Stem borer
 (B) Brown Plant Hopper
 (C) Gall midge
 (D) Rice bug

75. The tool help you to have a realistic estimation of quantity of pesticides recommended for the crop plants of Kerala.
 (A) KAU Fertulator
 (B) Pest Doctor
 (C) Credit Calculator
 (D) KAU-E-Crop Doctor 

76. The sexlure trap used against Mango fruit fly contains
 (A) Dimethyl enginol
 (B) Methyl enginol
 (C) Diethyl enginol
 (D) Ethyl enginol

77. Beauveria bassiana is sprayed against which of the following pest of cowpea ?
 (A) Pea aphid
 (B) Pod bug
 (C) Pod borer
 (D) American serpentine leaf minor

78. Integrated farming of fish and farm crops mainly rice, vegetables and flowers are termed as
 (A) Hydroponics
 (B) Aeroponics
 (C) Aquaponics
 (D) Glass house

79. Central Food Technological Research Institute is located at
 (A) Mysore
 (B) Bangalore
 (C) Hyderabad
 (D) Cuttack

80. A leafy vegetable which is known as “Indian Spinach”.
 (A) Basella sp.
 (B) Drum stick
 (C) Water leaf
 (D) Chikkurmanis

81. The vector of Yellow Vein Mosaic disease in Okra.
 (A) Aphid
 (B) Mite
 (C) White fly
 (D) Mealy bug

82. A technique evolved to rejuvenate unproductive and senile fruit trees
 (A) Blanching
 (B) Pruning
 (C) Training
 (D) Topworking

83. From the following select a fungicide :
 (A) Dimethoate
 (B) Quinalphos
 (C) Chlorpyriphos
 (D) Carbendazim 

84. Pineapple Research Station is located at
 (A) Vazhakkulam
 (B) Kannara
 (C) Pampadumpara
 (D) Anakkayam

85. C : N ratio of Coir pith compost
 (A) 112 : 1
 (B) 1 : 112
 (C) 24 : 1
 (D) 1 : 24

86. Which of the following is not a Biofertilizer ?
 (A) Azolla
 (B) Neem Cake
 (C) Blue Green Algae
 (D) Azospirillum

87. The irrigation method extensively practiced in the case of Orchard Crops
 (A) Sprinkler
 (B) Bubbler
 (C) Basin
 (D) Furrow

88. “Mile a minute” weed is __________.
 (A) Communist Pacha
 (B) Muthanga
 (C) Kulavazha
 (D) Dhrtharashtra Pacha

89. A vegetative propagation method used in Passion Fruit
 (A) Hard Wood Cutting
 (B) Soft Wood Cutting
 (C) Herbaceous Cutting
 (D) Root Cutting

90. The insect is having sponging type of Mouth parts
 (A) Flies
 (B) Bugs
 (C) Thrips
 (D) Weevils

91. The first Geographic Indexing (GI) tagged product in India 2004–05.
 (A) Darjeeling tea
 (B) Malabar Pepper
 (C) Chengalikkodan nendran
 (D) Njavara rice

92. From which country, raising of Dapog Nursery Technique introduced to India ?
 (A) Philippines
 (B) Indonesia
 (C) Thailand
 (D) USA

93. A type of vegetative propagation method employed in Solanaceous vegetables to overcome the problem caused by Bacterial wilt.
 (A) Budding
 (B) Layering
 (C) Cutting
 (D) Grafting

94. Damping off of Brinjal is due to
 (A) Fusarium
 (B) Pythium
 (C) Collectotrichum
 (D) Alternaria

95. When cutting onion the irritation of eye is due to the presence of ________.
 (A) Malic acid
 (B) Calcium oxalate
 (C) Pyruvic acid
 (D) Acetic acid

96. The salt concentration in Pickle
 (A) 6 – 8%
 (B) 10 – 12%
 (C) 12 – 14%
 (D) 8 – 10%

97. The quantity of soil desired for soil testing
 (A) 1 kg
 (B) ½ kg
 (C) ¼ kg
 (D) ¾ kg

98. Select an Agronomic measure of soil and water conservation.
 (A) Contour bunding
 (B) Contour farming
 (C) Bench terracing
 (D) Trenches

99. The type of soil found mainly in Karunagappally Karthikapally and Mavelikkara taluks.
 (A) Reverine Alluvium
 (B) Coastal Alluvium
 (C) Kuttanad Alluvium
 (D) Onattukara Alluvium

100. The fruit which contain least carbohydrates
 (A) Custard apple
 (B) Lime
 (C) Avocado
 (D) Lemon

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