Plumber,Tradesman Plumbing Question Paper and Answer Key

Question Code: 043/2024
Medium of Question- English
Name of Post:Plumber,Tradesman Plumbing
Cat.Number: 039/2023,190/2023,430/2023.715/2023
Date of Test : 22.04.2024

 1. What is the accuracy of micro meter ?
 A) 0.05 mm
 B) 0.02 mm
 C) 0.01 mm
 d) 0.2 mm

2. Common length of steel rule is
 A) 300 mm
 B) 100 mm
 C) 600 mm
 d) 200 mm

3. In die and stock die is made up of
 A) Tool steel
 B) miled steel
 C) Alloy steel
 d) High carbon steel

4. Angle of Prick punch is
 A) 90°
 B) 30°
 C) 60°
 d) 118°

5. Clearance angle of twist drill
 A) 118°
 B) 130°
 C) 5° – 12°
 d) 30° – 60°

6. Which is the internal threading tool of pipe and pipe fittings ?
 A) Hand tap wrench
 B) die stock
 C) Pipe wrench
 d) Reamer

7. What is the size of chain wrench ?
 A) length of bar
 B) length of chain
 C) Width of jaw
 d) diameter of a pipe wrench can hold the wrench

8. Which chisel is used in cast iron pipe cutting ?
 A) Cold chisel
 B) Round chisel
 C) diamond point chisel
 d) Cap chisel

9. Purpose of file is
 A) Finishing
 B) Removing of excess metal
 C) Cutting
 d) Threading

10. IS code of pipe wrench is
 A) IS-4023
 B) IS-2587
 C) IS-4066
 d) IS-4003

11. melting point of lead is
 A) 1083°C
 B) 327°C
 C) 455°C
 d) 1500°C

12. Bronze is an alloy of
 A) Copper and Tin
 B) Copper and Zinc
 C) Copper and Aluminium
 d) Zinc and Tin

13. Which grade G. I. pipe is used for water supply ?
 A) High
 B) medium
 C) low
 d) Fine

14. Stone-ware pipes are available length in market
 A) 6 feet
 B) 4 feet
 C) 2 feet
 d) 5 feet

15. G. I. pipe socket are designated by
 A) Norminal bore of G. I. pipe socket
 B) length of G. I. pipe socket
 C) Width of G. I. pipe socket
 d) Outer thickness of G. I. pipe socket

16. Spun pipes are manufactured by using
 A) Sand moulds
 B) Clay moulds
 C) Cement moulds
 d) metal moulds

17. Ferrule is fitted with
 A) Saddle piece
 B) Adopter
 C) Nipple
 d) Gate valve

18. Which degree of angle is followed by fixing of ferrule ?
 A) 90°
 B) 60°
 C) 55°
 d) 45°

19. Angle of miter bend is
 A) 90°
 B) 60°
 C) 45°
 d) None of these

20. PVC rigid pipe is called
 A) Conduit PVC pipe
 B) PVC thin pipe
 C) PVC pressure pipe
 d) PVC medium pipe

21. micro organism and colloidal matters are removed from the water, by the process
 A) Sedimentation
 B) Filtration
 C) disinfection
 d) Screening

22. Which are suspended impurities ?
 A) Calcium
 B) Sodium
 C) Gases
 d) Algae

23. Which instrument use to measure the colour of water ?
 A) Tinto meter
 B) Osmoscope
 C) Turbidity rod
 d) Thermometer

24. The desirable temperature of potable water is
 A) 8°C
 B) 10°C
 C) 7°C
 d) 26°C

25. Permanent hardness is mainly due to the presence of _______ and _______
 A) Sodium and magnesium
 B) Hydrogen and Carbon
 C) Calcium and magnesium
 d) Potassium and Phosphate

26. The system best suitable for planned cities with roads of rectangular pattern
 A) dead end system
 B) Grid iron system
 C) Circular system
 d) Radial system

27. The installation and maintenance of domestic water meter is governed by
 A) IS-2004
 B) IS-2056
 C) IS-6748
 d) IS-772

28. minimum size of ferrule is
 A) 20 mm
 B) 15 mm
 C) 25 mm
 d) 32 mm

29. In Zeolite process, the Calcium and magnesium are removed and __________ is given in exchange.
 A) Sodium
 B) Carbon
 C) Nitrogen
 d) Sulphate

30. What do you mean by combined (dual) system in water supply ?
 A) Circle or ring system
 B) Gravity and pumping system
 C) Grid iron and radial system
 d) dead end and pumping system

31. How many valves have in double acting reciprocating pump ?
 A) 2
 B) 4
 C) 6
 d) 1

32. Rotary pump can easy to maintain. Why ?
 A) No valve
 B) Two valve
 C) Four valve
 d) One valve

33. Suction lift of twin stage jet pump is
 A) 30 to 45 meter
 B) 24 to 54 meter
 C) 9 to 36 meter
 d) 9 to 40 meter
34. What is the basis of deciding water storage tank capacity ?
 A) density of population in the area
 B) Service population and percapita demand
 C) Area of town in which the storage tank is located
 d) Constructing material of storage tank

35. What is initial requirement to start the centrifugal pump ?
 A) Priming
 B) Painting
 C) Oiling
 d) Check the pumping line

36. Pump which is not a kinetic energy pump is
 A) displacement pump
 B) Air lift pump
 C) Rotary pump
 d) Centrifugal pump

37. The driving motor is placed below the pump bowl in a
 A) Centrifugal pump
 B) Submersible pump
 C) Rotary pump
 d) Hand pump

38. The efficiency of closed impeller type of centrifugal pump, when compared to that of open impeller type is
 A) much high
 B) low suction
 C) low head
 d) Big head

39. Which location the booster pump are fixed ?
 A) Where pressure is low
 B) Where pressure is high
 C) Near sump location
 d) In the deep well

40. Air lift pump is installed to draw more water from the deep well, the pump is operated by
 A) A cute air
 B) Electric sources
 C) Compressed air
 d) Primary electrical sources

41. Which valve allows unobstructed flow ?
 A) Slope valve
 B) Globe valve
 C) Check valve
 d) Sluice valve

42. Which valve is fixed in the dead end of distribution system for washing out ?
 A) Scour valve
 B) Check valve
 C) Non return valve
 d) Ball valve

43. What is the distance from gully trap to an inspection chamber ?
 A) 5 meter
 B) 6 meter
 C) 7 meter
 d) 8 meter

44. Which trap have a high depth of water seal ?
 A) Floor trap
 B) Gully trap
 C) Nahani trap
 d) Intercepting trap

45. What is the size of waste fitting in a bath tub ?
 A) 40 mm
 B) 50 mm
 C) 60 mm
 d) 70 mm

46. Which type of sanitary fitting is a bidet ?
 A) domestic
 B) Shower
 C) Ablution
 d) Soil

47. What is fix along with European closet to wash the body after use ?
 A) Pillar tap
 B) Hand shower
 C) Flushing cistern
 d) Health faucet

48. Which type of tap is used in kitchen sink ?
 A) Pillar tap
 B) Plug tap
 C) Bib tap
 d) Self closing tap

49. What is the symbol given below ?

 A) Water meter
 B) Safety valve
 C) Fire extinguisher
 d) Hot water cylinder

50. What is the symbol given below ?

 A) Safety valve
 B) Water meter
 C) Sluice valve
 d) drain cock

51. Which is the metal rings used to fasten two members abutting each other ?
 A) Nail
 B) Bolts
 C) Connectors
 d) dogs

52. What is the name of thin small round sticks made from hardwood to reinforcements for wooden joints ?
 A) Plank
 B) Bolts
 C) Screw
 d) dowels

53. Which type of fasteners used for joining metal sheets and plates in fabrication works ?
 A) Solvent cement
 B) Rivets
 C) Nail
 d) Pins

54. What is the plastic welding process ?
 A) Heated tool welding and Hot gas welding
 B) Smoging and Smudging
 C) Arc welding and Gas welding
 d) Smoging and Hot gas welding

55. In which of the following locking nuts is a slot cut half way across the nut ?
 A) Sloted nut
 B) Swan nut
 C) Castle nut
 d) Grooved nut

56. Which nut can be easily operated with thumb and finger ?
 A) Knurled nut
 B) Cap nut
 C) Wing out nut
 d) lock nut

57. Rivet joint is
 A) Adhesive joint
 B) Permanent joint
 C) Flanged joint
 d) Screwed joint

58. The final shape of the rivet during riveting
 A) dolly
 B) Snap
 C) drift
 d) Combined

59. In which of the following materials using riveting ?
 A) Brass
 B) Zinc
 C) magnesium
 d) Tin

60. Which type of nut is most commonly used in structural and machine tool building ?
 A) Square nut
 B) Self-locking nut
 C) Hexagonal nut
 d) T-nut

61. Sewer pipe may have to be laid under the condition of
 A) Trench
 B) Cushion
 C) length
 d) Threading

62. When the sewer pipe is laid in a trench by ?
 A) Excavated
 B) Enclaved
 C) Excluded
d) Extracted

63. In a single stack waste system,
 A) Soil waste is discharged separate to waste water
 B) All waste is discharged to a single waste pipe
 C) Only waste water is discharged
 d) Only soil waste is discharged

64. How many pipe using two pipe system ?
 A) One pipe
 B) Two pipe
 C) Three pipe
 d) Four pipe
65. drainage system testing of straightness of pipe
 A) Ball test
 B) mirror test
 C) Smoke test
 d) Water test

66. The situation where it is not possible to use a mirror test such as bent in the pipe
 A) Ball test
 B) mirror test
 C) Smoke test
 d) Water test

67. Which drains is mostly used for small drains due to easiness in laying ?
 A) Semi circular section
 B) U-section
 C) V-section
 d) Rectangular section

68. The main function of the anti syphonage pipe
 A) Trap cleaning
 B) Prevent water seal
 C) Self cleaning
 d) drain pipe cleaning

69. Which is the followings, does not permit compact design of structures, it is laid above ground, hence, it is visible but non-hygienic ?
 A) Water carriage system
 B) Conservancy system
 C) Pumbing system
 d) Gravity system

70. Which is the material on trenches of stone ware pipe are laid over it ?
 A) Cement/lime concrete
 B) Sand
 C) Clay
 d) Gelly

71. Which of the following is the mechanical pipe joint ?
 A) dresser coupling and victaulic joint
 B) dresser coupling and collar joint
 C) dresser coupling and screwed
 D) Dresser coupling and flanged

72. For the convenience of working trench width should be
 A) 400 mm on either side of the pipe
 B) 50 mm on either side of the pipe
 C) 300 mm on either side of the pipe
 d) 600 mm on either side of the pipe

73. Which material is used for joining cast iron pipe ?
 A) lead and Cement
 B) lead and Hemp yarn
 C) lead and Rubber ring
 d) lead and Paint

74. In India the commonly excavation of trenches is done by
 A) mechanical
 B) Electrical
 C) Fitters
 d) laboures

75. Generally the sight rail is adjusted at
 A) 6.5 m.
 B) 7.5 m.
 C) 8.5 m.
 d) 5.5 m.

76. Where are flanged joints preferred ?
 A) In temporary pipe line
 B) In atmospheric change
 C) In permanent pipe line
d) Side way when expants

77. In unsealed rod way the minimum trench depth for laying pipes should be
 A) 650 mm
 B) 100 mm
 C) 750 mm
 d) 300 mm

78. Name any one material used in chemical test in pipe line.
 A) Hydrogen sulphide
 B) Crude oil or pepper mint
 C) Kerosine
 d) lead acetate pepper

79. Which type of joint is mostly used for joining big diameter concrete and asbestos cement pipe ?
 A) Collar joint
 B) Bell and spigot joint
 C) Flange joint
 d) Expansion joint

80. Sewer pipe may have to be laid under the condition
 A) length
 B) Cuhiol
 C) Trench
 d) Threading

81. It is a plate with a short handle and is used mainly to hold mortar. What is this tool ?
 A) Shovel
 B) Hawk
 C) Trowel
 d) Float

82. Which of these devices determines perpendicularity in masonry ?
 A) Plumbob
 B) Water level
 C) Spirit level
 d) Edger

83. The name of most common type of concrete mixer
 A) Universal type
 B) Continuous mixer type
 C) Pear shaped mixer type
 d) Tilting drum type

84. Portland cement is by far the most common type of cement in general use. This cement is made by heating _____ with other materials to (such as clay) 1450 C in a kiln.
 A) Calcium Chloride
 B) Calcium Carbonate
 C) Calcium bicarbonate
 d) Calcium Carbide

85. The first artificial cement was manufactured in ______ country.
 A) America
 B) Germany
 C) England
 d) France

86. Name the apparatus user for texting is slump.
 A) Slump square
 B) Slump cone
 C) Slump flat
 D) Slump round

87. A position in which brick is laid on the long narrow side with the broad side exposed is called
 A) Stretcher
 B) Header
 C) Sailor
 d) Shiner

88. In which type of bond one header and one stretcher alternate in each course ?
 A) English bond
 B) Flemish bond
 C) Header bond
 d) Stretcher bond

89. The temporary frame work is known as ______ and it is useful in construction demolition maintenance or repair work.
 A) Under pinning
 B) Shoring
 C) Scaffolding
 d) Grounting

90. ______ is the most common type of scaffolding and is widely used in the construction of brick work.
 A) Single scaffolding
 B) Suspended scaffolding
 C) Trestic scaffolding
 d) Steel scaffolding

91. In rain water harvesting down pipe flap is used to
 A) Selectively collect clean water for storage tank
 B) Prevent algae growth in storage tank
 C) Prevent breading of mosquitoes in storage tank
 d) Provide a better catchment area

92. Which of these is not a component of rain water harvesting ?
 A) Catchment area
 B) Soak pit
 C) Conveyance system
 d) Collection device

93. What is the use of rain water pipe ?
 A) To permit effective drainage of roof water
 B) To collect water
 C) Sullage water
 d) To collect sewage

94. At what frequency maintenance works are to be carried in water heater ?
 A) 3 months
 B) 2 months
 C) 12 months
 d) 6 months

95. Which materials are used for making inner container for water heater ?
 A) leather wool
 B) Glass wool
 C) Copper wool
 d) Aluminium wool

96. The distribution of water by gravity is
 A) Not reliable
 B) Costly
 C) Suitable
 D) Difficult

97. Which pipe is mostly used for carrying hot water ?
 A) PVC pipe
 B) GI pipe
 C) Copper pipe
 d) Cast iron pipe

98. What you should be sure you have in plenty before considering buying a solar water heater ?
 A) Very hot water
 B) Abundant sunshine
 C) Intermittent rain
 d) All the above

99. What is boiling point of water in Fahrenheit (F) scale?
 A) 220° F
 B) 212° F
 C) 211° F
 d) 210° F

100. Which home appliance use the most energy ?
 A) Refrigerator
 B) Electric player
 C) Toaster
 d) Water heater

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