Translator (Malayalam to English) - Question Paper and Answer Key

Question Code : 42/2019

Translator (Malayalam to English) -Advocate General Office

Medium of Question : English/Malayalam

Date of Test : 25/09/2019

1. Universal Children’s day is observed on :
(A) November 14
(B) November 20
(C) November 13
(D) November 21

2. Name the monthly published by Vakbhatananda :
(A) Samadarshini
(B) Sivayogivilasam
(C) Keralan
(D) Jeevanam

3. NITI Ayog came to existence on :
(A) 10 January 2015 

(B) 11 January 2015
(C) 26 January 2015 

(D) 15 August 2015
to be deleted

4. Name the national park which situates on the banks of river Kabani :
(A) Nagarhola 
(B) Bhadra
(C) Srivenkateswara
(D) Ranipuram

5. Which Article of the Indian Constitution abolishes untouchability and its practice :
(A) Article 18
(B) Article 19
(C) Article 16
(D) Article 17

6. ISL champions of 2019 :
(A) Chennain FC
(B) F.C. Goa
(C) Bangaluru FC 
(D) Jamshedpur FC

7. The code name of rescue operation of Kerala Police in flood affected areas in 2019 :
(A) Operation Jalaraksha
(B) Operation Madad
(C) Operation Malayalee
(D) Operation Athijeevan

8. Name the leader of Thali Road Samaram :
(A) E.Moidu Moulavi
(B) Moorkkoth Kumaran
(C) C. Krishnan 
(D) K.P. Kesavamenon

9. Indradhanush, the project of Central Government of India is related to :
(A) Agriculture
(B) Space
(C) Education
(D) Banking

10. ‘Keralakaumudi’, daily started its publication in :
(A) 1912
(B) 1910
(C) 1911 
(D) 1913

11. Who is known as ‘Pulayageethangalude Pracharakan’?
(A) Kurumban Daivathan 
(B) Ayyankali
(C) Pandit K.P. Karuppan
(D) Poykayil Appachan

12. World creativity and innovation day is observed on :
(A) April 10
(B) April 17
(C) April 13
(D) April 21

13. Name the film which gets ‘Rajatachakoram’ in IFFK 2019 :
(A) The Dark Room 
(B) Ee Maa Yove
(C) The Silence
(D) Sudani from Nigeria

14. Name the Indian Woman selected as Goodwill Ambassador of UNO in 2019 :
(A) Saina Nehwal
(B) Sania Mirza
(C) P.V. Sindhu
(D) Padmalakshmi

15. Name the socio-reform movement which organized ‘Jathirakshasadahanam’ against evils of
caste system :
(B) Samudayasevini
(C) Sahodarasangham 
(D) Sadhujanaparipalanayogam

16. Name the block panchayat which gets Swaraj trophy in 2019 :
(A) Mallappally
(B) Koyilandy
(C) Perambra
(D) Nedumangad

17. ‘Thudikkunna Thalukal’ is the autobiography of :
(A) Changampuzha 
(B) M.C. Joseph
(C) Swami Anandatheerthan
(D) Dr. Ayyathan Gopalan

18. Who is the Chairman of 15th Finance Commission?
(A) Ram Shanker Katheria
(B) R.S. Sharma
(C) Justice D.K. Jain
(D) N.K. Singh

19. The state known as ‘Ricebowl of India’ :
(A) Andhra Pradesh
(B) Haryana
(C) Jharkhand 
(D) Tamil Nadu

20. First AMRUT city of Kerala :
(A) Ernakulam
(B) Palakkad
(C) Kollam
(D) Kannur

21. The furniture –––––––––– my house is very costly.
(A) on
(B) into
(C) for
(D) in

22. The word most suitable to ‘Terrestrial’ is :
(A) urban
(B) alien
(C) earth 
(D) planet

23. He came early –––––––––– did not stay long.
(A) but 
(B) although
(C) because
(D) after

24. He felt –––––––––– happiness that he had never felt before.
(A) zero article
(B) a
(C) an
(D) the

25. She must be –––––––––– five feet in height.
(A) along
(B) between
(C) around
(D) with

26. They –––––––––– (sit) on the lawn when it started to rain.
(A) have sit
(B) have been sitting
(C) were sitting 
(D) will sit

27. I am going to buy a computer when the price –––––––––– (come) down.
(A) come 
(B) will come
(C) have come
(D) came

28. It was a great party. You –––––––––– have come. Why didn’t you?
(A) must
(B) can
(C) would
(D) should

29. Are you the –––––––––– in the family?
(A) elder
(B) older
(C) eldest 
(D) oldest

30. The last two years –––––––––– very good.
(A) are
(B) were
(C) be
(D) is

31. The authorities –––––––––– her for completing the project ahead of schedule.
(A) complemented
(B) complimenting
(C) complimented 
(D) complementing

32. A speech made for the first time is called :
(A) maid speech
(B) maidenly speech
(C) maiden speech 
(D) maidlike speech

33. A –––––––––– Bulletin announced the death of more victims of the accident.
(A) last
(B) later
(C) latest
(D) latter

34. I asked her –––––––––– she was.
(A) who 
(B) whom
(C) which
(D) why

35. If it were possible I –––––––––– do it.
(A) could
(B) would
(C) must
(D) dare

36. After I had –––––––––– him farewell, I hurried away.
(A) bid
(B) bade
(C) bode
(D) bidden

37. The banqueting hall is used only for –––––––––– occasions.
(A) ceremony
(B) ceremonious
(C) ceremonial 
(D) ceremoniously

38. How we –––––––––– the good old days!
(A) last for
(B) live for
(C) long for 
(D) left for

39. The antonym of ‘‘death’’ is :
(A) life 

(B) abundance
(C) lack 

(D) paucity
to be deleted

40. Give one word for the phrase ‘to forgive’ :
(A) charisma
(B) contempt
(C) consecrate
(D) condone

41. We –––––––––– allow our forests to be destroyed; otherwise, we –––––––––– face a grave
crisis :
(A) shouldn’t – will 
 (B) mustn’t – wont
(C) couldn’t – would
(D) needn’t – won’t

42. –––––––––– come with me.
(A) Did
(B) Done
(C) Does
(D) Do

43. We agree –––––––––– most things.
(A) with
(B) about
(C) to
(D) for

44. –––––––––– Madhu didn’t attend the interview is unfortunate.
(A) It
(B) What
(C) That 
(D) If

45. The journey across the Old Silk route was a hazardous one, ––––––––––?
(A) isn’t it
(B) aren’t it
(C) weren’t it
(D) wasn’t it

46. My car broke down and –––––––––– I arrived very late.
(A) similarly
(B) obviously
(C) consequently 
(D) conversely

47. The institution –––––––––– (flourish) for the past 150 years.
(A) has been flourishing 
(B) have been flourished
(C) had flourished
(D) have been flourishing

48. The ship lost all –––––––––– crew during the storm.
(A) its
(B) her
(C) him
(D) his

49. It is an ill wind –––––––––– blows no one –––––––––– good.
(A) that – some
(B) that – any
(C) which – some
(D) which – any

50. No sooner had he reached the dockyard –––––––––– the ship began to sail away.
(A) but
(B) until
(C) than 
(D) since

51. My sister dances –––––––––– me.
(A) better than 
(B) good than
(C) best than
(D) better then

52. The account book –––––––––– with the invoice is enclosed.
(A) and
(B) along
(C) also
(D) together

53. He –––––––––– not challenge me.
(A) daren’t
(B) dare
(C) dares
(D) daring

54. He is –––––––––– hard on himself.
(A) been
(B) be
(C) being
(D) not

55. He –––––––––– his temper.
(A) lost 
(B) caught
(C) shed
(D) stopped

56. She did not eat :
(A) more
(B) much
(C) most
(D) mere

57. Many different –––––––––– live in Europe.
(A) peoples 
(B) nations
(C) ethnicity
(D) hybridity

58. Being a dreamer, she is forever absorbed in :
(A) gloom of despair
(B) flash of wit
(C) gleam of delight
(D) flights of fancy

59. Everything that he did was open and :
(A) above all
(B) above board
(C) above on
(D) above in

60. I am not lonely; I am –––––––––– living alone.
(A) so that
(B) used to
(C) would rather
(D) like

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